Worm Warrior
Worm Warrior
Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat before they infest it and eat it.
Electro Man
Electro Man
very fun, delicate hand person, skill game
Midnight Strike
Midnight Strike
Walk through the factory, shooting down enemies and barrels with your gun and crawl through tunnels.


The Crusher
Crush as many people's heads as you can in 30 seconds.
Boulder Cannon
Defend yourself from the cluster of huge boulders rolling down the hill, by shooting cannon balls.
Shotgun Defend The Flag
Defend your flag from the attacking stick men - shoot them dead before they pull down your flag.
Defend Your Computer
Destroy unwanted popups, spam mail, evil viruses and other hazzards before they reach your computer.
Balls And Walls
Destroy your neighbors platform and bring him down to earth by throwing fireballs at him.
Heli Attack 3
Destroy all enemy units to progress through snow, jungle, canyon lands and lab levels.
Jump The Gorge
Do some extreme snow boarding - slide down a hill and jump over ravines and land on targets.
Stai Ruere
Drive a riot truck around the city and spray water using a canon.
Sonic Boom Town
Drive around the city in your car and blast your music to destroy buildings.
Crazy Shuttle
Drive your van, pick up students and drop them at the target location as soon as possible!
Tubby's Big Adventure
Drop the pounds 'cause your mother said so.
Earth Rock Hunter
Earth has exploded and the priceless rocks are flying through space!
Entertain yourself by punching, kicking and whacking someone over the head with a baseball bat?
Escape from the dog catchers.
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