Worm Warrior
Worm Warrior
Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat before they infest it and eat it.
Electro Man
Electro Man
very fun, delicate hand person, skill game
Midnight Strike
Midnight Strike
Walk through the factory, shooting down enemies and barrels with your gun and crawl through tunnels.


Multiplication Station
Another fun maths based game.
Balance Tobby
How far you can carry Tobby while balancing him on a stick?
Exit 2
Hop over the maze like platforms and find the key to the exit door, avoiding the various threats.
Jump & Glide
In this game you are a boy trying to glide through the air, but first you need to collect balloons.
Stupidance 2
In a world with no laws, where only the merciless survive, a hero shall rise and DANCE!!!
Happy Holidays
In this game you are Santa and you need to go to all the houses before the night is up.
Lander X
In this game you are an alien completing missions, do as you're told young one.
Bungee Bandit
In this game you bungee jump from a high pole and collect as many coins and do it as quickly as possible.
Cosmo Pilot
In this game you need to assemble your rocket and blast off while blasting away rocks and boulders.
Box 3
In this game you need to collect as many things on the field to slow down your opponent.
Crystalite Block Buster
In this game you need to click the numbers in order to make them float up.
In this game you need to make sure Ankomako collects items and stays away from the evil witch.
Tha Viruz
In this game you need to shoot the smilies and such to win.
It is an emergency! The forest is under attack. Take your position and shoot down all of the enemies.
Jumping Circle 3
Jump from platform to platform while shooting down enemies with your gun.
Flash Halo: CTF
Infiltrate the enemy base, steal their flag and return it to yours while shooting down enemies in the warthog.
Short Bus Rampage
Jump in your school bus and run over those annoying school kids before time runs out.
Jackhammer Rampage
Jump up and down on your jack hammer running over bunny rabbits.
Keep your mouse near the center of the bull to try and stay on and tame the raging bull.
Defy Gravity
Keep the ball from touching the edges by going against the gravity.
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